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Instagram: Thank you for all the helpful tips. I appreciate the idea in the comment section given by one of you to try the garden hose. This was an excellent idea so I rewashed some more of my groceries before letting them dry in the sun this afternoon. Evidently the UV rays from the sun also kill the virus. Be safe everyone. Don’t get complacent. Also I just recorded a great podcast with @michaelrapaport that will be going live soon. In the podcast we do discuss the reaction that my first grocery cleaning video has received. #besafe #covid19 #coronavirus #pandemic

Instagram: Talkin about the good old days with Ed Robertson from @barenakedladiesmusic – Almost 30 years ago my rap group Organized Rhyme opened for Barenaked Ladies at the Football stadium in my hometown. We also blasted @officialdasefx from the trunk of @iamgregorycampbell Honda Prelude. So we were pretty dope. Thanks for the great stories and thoughts Ed! This entire episode of The Tom Green Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and everywhere else! Link in BIO #podcasts #barenakedladies #pandemic #covid #coronavirus