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Instagram: I am going on the record here right now. I believe that Bigfoot is real and living in the Pacific Northwest regions of US and Canada. I am going to make an attempt to find the Sasquatch and capture it on film. Speaking with multiple experts over the years including Russell Acord on my podcast recently. I also have spoken with multiple people in Canada who have experienced sighting a Sasquatch first hand. People that I know and trust. I trust them and believe them. This year I am hoping to take action and begin looking for evidence including capturing video evidence of Big Foot. I have already begun researching the most likely place to search and I personally believe they have mostly migrated to the Canadian west coast province of British Columbia. Looking at taking a road trip up there to interview some locals. Stay tuned. #Bigfoot #Sasquatch Go listen to the latest episode on The Tom Green Podcast for an in-depth convertibility about this subject.