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Instagram: #savethechateaulaurier #ottawa Come say hello July 27th 6:30pm to sunset I will be having a pic nic in the park. Bring your own pic nic baskets and come enjoy sunset in our beautiful Major’s Hill Park. Bring your phones and lets post social media videos of The Chateau and tell our friends online how we don’t want it hidden from view. Lets send the message to our #citycouncil #Parliament #MP #NCC #Larco and more that we want a redesign that will be satisfying to all parties. We need to protect the iconic view of Canada’s Capital. #picnic #july27 #saturday #sunset

Instagram: #Ottawa Have a look at this beautiful view. This is taken from Nepean point looking over the Ottawa river. From this angle you will no longer be able to see The Chateau Laurier after they build the recently approved addition. Please contact your Member of Parliament and your City Councilor and protest. This is a decision that will affect all Canadians. It is also just completely absurd. If you live in Ottawa please go down to Major’s Hill Park at sunset and take a walk around. Enjoy the view and try to save it. If everybody speaks up now I believe that a more logical design can happen. Something that preserves the integrity of this Unesco heritage site that is part of our Canadian history. #Resist