Utah Van Life – One Week On The Road In Utah With Tom Green And Charley

Charley and I are out here loving life. There is so much more to see and so much more that I honestly didn’t have time to show. We will be back. Some of the places we visited in this video were breathtaking. The Wasatch plateau was extremely remote and at a high elevation. The water was frozen in Charleys dog bowl in the morning. Freezing! But the daytime was quite comfortable. Having the Yuba state park all to ourselves was fantastic. The Arches of Bryce Canyon were breathtaking. And the treacherous drive up thew switchback to Porcupine Rim was well worth it for the spectacular view. To paint a clear picture of what I am doing out here I will say this… The past few months I have been focused on perfecting my rig in the van and my video and editing skills in the van to capture these stories properly. I am getting to the point where these technical aspecta are taking up far less of my time. So now the story will begin to evolve allowing me to focus on new things. I am planning on spending the next leg of this journey looking for more interesting and amazing stories, and recording more MUSIC! And honestly the longer I am out here, the more at peace I am feeling. I am relaxing. I am changing. And I feel like these changes may start to get a bit weird… in a good way!! Ha ha! So stay tuned a LOT more to come. The videos here are going to evolve and change and morph. I am so happy that all of you are here with me for the ride. Love you all and see you again soon. Wish us luck. – Tom and Charley 🙂

Tom Green

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