Travels With Charley

Starting very soon within 10 days or so Charley and I will be hitting the road. there has been many months of preparation for this day. Those of you have been following me closely on social media know that I am waiting for my van to be delivered. I purchased a conversion van camper and it is fully equipped with all the luxuries of a home just in a tiny package. Well maybe not all the luxuries but I have a refrigerator and a chemical toilet. So that’s pretty good. I also have electrical power and solar power on the roof to keep my batteries going and my gear charged up. The plan is to go off the grid to some beautiful places that most Americans never get to see. I will be documenting everything with my camera and I will bring you there. This is gonna be so much fun and I want to thank all of you for the support. Here’s a quick clip that I shot today. This is just as much a camera test as it is an introduction. Stay tuned for a lot more video coming soon. Love you all! -Tom

Tom Green

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