Travels With Charley – Tom Green And His Dog Charley – Van Life

I camped today in some empty desert that is isolated as it is unoccupied. The temperature is perfect in the desert at this time of year. California is a beautiful place. I am looking forward to heading north to more destinations but I am waiting until the weather changes. I love traveling, I love this country, and I love my dog. I am also excited to take you to some other amazing places in Canada and elsewhere. This is not ending anytime soon. I truly love it out on the road. I feel at peace here when I find these empty places to think, write, make music, video, and create. I know we are all going through a strange time in our world and I hope that these videos bring a sense of calm to those who may need it. I composed the music in the van at the very spot this video was filmed. A strange time in a strange world where we can do something like this. I edited the video in the spot where this was filmed and then hit the road for our next location, only pulling over once when I had a suitable enough cell signal to upload a 4K video. Enjoy. More videos coming soon. Thank you for your comments and please SUBSCRIBE! The more views and subscriptions the more video I can create. You all rock!

Tom Green

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