The Funny Thing About Europe…

The Western Wall, Jerusalem today.

I just got back from Europe. I was also in Israel. I know Israel isn’t in Europe. But it was at the beginning of the trip and it set off a lot of new ideas.  Being around really old shit makes you think.

After you spend a month and a half traveling through ancient cities and observing buildings and streets that were built thousands of years before the birth of Christ. It makes you feel insignificant. We’re here for a good time not for a long time. We can’t afford to waste days or even hours of our life. Every moment that passes we never get back.  So we need to make the most of it. 

Walking around the ancient port city of Jaffa in Israel can change your perspective this way.  It’s been invaded by the Romans turks and in more recent history Napoleon. You can feel the energy and the ghosts of the soldiers whose blood was spilled by the thousands here.  It’s weird.
One day I went to Bethlehem in the Palestinian territories. I took some photos at the church of the nativity, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. I wasn’t prepared for the outpouring of vitriol from angry atheists on Instagram. I mean I just posted a few pictures from The birthplace of Jesus Christ. The comment section was just going nuts. I didn’t realize that you could reverse troll atheists so easily. It started to get really fun. In fact I began posting tons of pics from all of the religious sites just so I could get people riled up. It actually had an effect on me. Here I was experiencing something beautiful these incredible pieces of history. And for whatever reason just sharing these experiences on social media really brings out the worst in people.   I love it.

One of the things I like most about people leaving confrontational comments on my social media is I now know who the negative Nancy’s are. By reverse trolling for the unhappy and negative ones I clean up my page.  I’ve been blocking everyone. The idea is eventually I will only have positive people following me. The more I feel supported on my social media the more it makes me want to be goofy and have fun. I want my Instagram to be a place where I feel like I’m hanging around with my friends.  

Anyways that’s my rant for the day I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming to my website and tell your friends to come here too.  I’m off to Ottawa to do stand-up comedy next weekend at Yuk Yuks comedy club. Then I will be in Toronto on July 30 at The Comedy Bar for one night only. Get your tickets now they’re going fast. By the way July 30 is my birthday so come celebrate my birthday with me and let’s have some laughs.


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