Stay tuned for more posts gang!

I finally gotten my phone configured to allow me to quickly post blogs here at the website. I want you to understand that this website unlike my social media accounts is a place for the most hard-core followers of my comedy.  

I’ve decided not to let disappear, even though I have far more traffic on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. This website has been very meaningful to me for over 20 years. And I believe it is a very effective place for me to communicate with my true fans. The people that are really paying attention. And also those more underground Internet users who prefer looking at life from outside of the box.

I’ve just returned from an incredible tour of Europe, Israel, The United Kingdom and more. Performing stand up comedy overseas is not only humbling but also an excellent exercise in communication. Simply put people in different countries don’t think exactly the same way. This helps brighten my understanding of stand-up comedy and connecting with people.

I’m about to take a well-deserved break. However I do have comedy shows coming up in Ottawa Toronto Buffalo and St. Louis. Go to the tour calendar on this website for details.

I’m not going to go on and on in this blog this morning but I did want to post this as I have updated my phone and downloaded some apps that enable me to update the website much more efficiently. So tell your friends and come back and visit again soon.  It really is going to start getting more active around here.

Love you guys thank you for being the best fans in the world!


Tom Green

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