Having spent the last few months on the road I am taking a short pit stop at home in Los Angeles. My best friend puppy companion Charley needs a routine medical procedure and after her short recovery we will be back on the road VERY SOON! This video is one of my favorites so far. It turned out to be an incredible day driving through the Sheep Hole Wilderness, and the Mojave Desert on my way home to LA. If you are interested in learning more about the places in this video there is plenty on information online. I don’t intend to make these travel logs informative as much as they are simple photographic journeys. So rather than rambling off facts and stats that I (or anyone) could look up on Wikipedia, I will let the pictures tell the story. I will say that the homesteads outside of 29 Palms were quite stark. But something about the crumbling ruins of these old buildings is quite beautiful. I hope you are enjoying my photography and video that I am creating. I already have plans for my next location and will be back on the road filming new videos very soon. While I am taking a short break now to attend to Charley’s medical needs I am also making much needed adjustments to the van in many areas that will make it easier for me to live and work on the road. New things being added to the recording studio and also some new cooking ideas that will make it easier to prepare food and survive off the grid. Stay tuned the adventure continues very soon. In the meantime I will post a video of Charley as she recovers at home in LA. And I will make some posts on Instagram so follow me over there @tomgreen as I prepare to head back out into the wild! Happy Holidays! – Tom

Tom Green

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