Las Vegas – Residency at Bally’s Casino

I just completed my first week of my standup comedy at Bally’s Casino. What a thrill. I have my own stage and room that I get to perform in 4 nights a week. I am performing stand up, telling jokes and stories and even playing back obscure videos from The Tom Green Show. The show is really evolving and taking on a new form each day.

The room I am performing in is amazing. It is an intimate space that has an adjoining lounge. It’s super fun. After my show each night we have been grabbing a drinks at the bar with the audience and having some more laughs.

I feel blessed to have such great fans from all over the world. This week alone, I spoke with people in the audience from Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Germany, South America, England, Ireland, Wales, and all parts of the USA. There is something special about having an international audience in one show. So many subjects to work with. Perhaps a bit more confusion at times also… Last night one audience member couldn’t understand English. Must have been an extra strange show for him. He was still laughing. So much fun.

I started doing standup comedy over 30 years ago when I was a teenager in Canada. A few years later I started The Tom Green Show on a public access TV channel in my hometown. Over the years I have met so many people and made so many friends. I have bonded with people all over the world. Something about the absurdity of the show has created a shared connection between so many like-minded people. We all love to laugh and I appreciate all of you for laughing along with me over the years.

I will say that launching a new show in Vegas isn’t easy. There is so much competition for ticket sales in Vegas. There are so many shows. I hope that all of you can come down to Vegas and show some support for what I am trying to do. Tell your friends to come visit me as well. You can get tickets at – I am performing every Sunday through Wednesday nights. I appreciate the support. My goal is to build this show and make Las Vegas the new hub for The Tom Green Show.

Hope to see you all soon!


Tom Green

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