Cabeza Prieta Wilderness – Arizona – Tom Green – Van Life

This marks chapter 2 of van life for Charley and I. It is safe to say we are settling in. I am also venturing further into remote areas seeking the unknown. Cabeza Prieta Wilderness, Arizona is a wild place. Once part of the Barry F Goldwater military test range you need to exert caution. It is possible to step or stumble upon unexploded ordinance aka bombs in the desert. But it is a beautiful area with many wildlife viewing opportunities including Pronghorn Sheep, Mountain Lion, Bobcat and many more. In fact in the town of Ajo when refueling I met a gentleman who had been rushed by a 130 pound mountain lion the previous evening. Not far from where this video was shot. This is also a heavily used area for drug smugglers and illegal immigration as we are on the border on Mexico. While shooting this video I could hear A10 Warthogs in the next valley firing their cannons on the military range that this area was once a part of. They flew over me at one point and I couldn’t help but fear the sheer power of these machines. There was also some bombing going on and the explosions were rumbling like thunder in the valley that this was shot in. Went for a long hike today… but that is for the next video. To be continued…. Love you all! Be safe and be nice to people!! – Tom

Tom Green

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