Farm Life – Dog Training – Hunting For Big Foot – Channel Updates

Tom updates subscribers about the plans for this channel. Charley is getting good walking off leash. Searching for Big Foot. Tom shares some memories of the late Norm Macdonald.

Trail Cams Coyote Wolf Coy-wolf Deer

Welcome Home – Tom Green Explores His New Home In Canada

Well this year has brought about big changes. I have decided to put down roots in my home and native land of Canada. I will still be traveling around in my van and filming lots more stuff for you guys. I had so much fun experiencing nature in the American Southwest this year that I decided to make a big change in my life and return to Canada after living in the USA for over 20 years. I will still continue to travel the world and make comedy and films along the way. But I wanted a place to hang my hat, close to my family, in a place where I felt comfortable. The Canadian wilderness has always been a big part of my life. I am so happy to make this my next chapter. Stay tuned gang. I love you all and thanks for the support now and over the years. – Tom

Coming Home – Tom Green Returning To Canada – Vanlife

So excited to update all of you about some big news. I have wanted to tell you about this for a while now but I had to get things set up first. I am so excited to announce that I am returning to Canada and will be broadcasting and creating from my new place in the wilderness. This is going to be an adventure! I suppose I have had so much fun traveling the remote regions of the USA in my van this year that it has reminded me of what is important. I love being close to nature and close to family so I have found a woodland property near my family and I will be relocating there permanently starting now! So stay tuned! My next video I will be introducing you to my new home base. From here we will be embarking together on many adventures in my van, and my canoe, and more! Stay tuned folks. Just know this has been a huge undertaking but now that I am getting settled I am going to have way more time to focus on making content for this channel. Get ready! And thanks for being here over all these years!!

Tom Green and His Mom Mary Jane Green Go To Get Food – Canadian Cuisine – Poutine

Went for a drive in Canada and picked up some delicious poutine, looked at some cows, and had a chat with my Mom. My dog Charley came along also! – If you haven’t had real poutine you need to try some real Quebecquois, Canadien cuisine! Go habs!!


Took a walk last night in my hometown. This was a late night stroll. I love walking around Ottawa after the bars have closed and the streets are quiet. I grew up skateboarding on these streets and know every corner of this town. Come visit Ottawa in the summer it is a beautiful place. Canada’s Capital city.

Tom Green Returns To The Canadian Woods – Van Life

As I settle in to my Canadian adventure I will be posting these monologues from various locations. I am just speaking off the cuff about certain subjects and talkin walks through particular places. I will say that the simplicity of some of these moments is what I personally find appealing. I like the idea of letting videos breathe and not getting bogged down in lots of editing. I want to just hang out with you all for a bit. So thanks for hanging out with me and thanks for all the awesome feedback! I love you all! – Tom

Tom Green and His Dog Charley Explore An Island – Canada – Van Life

Charley is only one year old and has had a big year already. As you will learn in this video I am training Charley now. Enjoy watching Charley explore this island, and take an off leash stroll for the first time. Good girl Charley!!!

Tom Green Making Electronic Music and Visiting His Parents

Hey gang. So happy to be home in Canada visiting my parents. Things are going great up here this summer. I can’t wait to shoot some more video and do some exploring with you all here on this channel. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon. In this video I am parked in the van at my parents cottage and making some music. I have a nice chat with my parents. If you want to go back in time after you watch this video you can look up classic clips and pranks with my parents from way back in the day. Many of them are posted on this channel. Have a great summer everyone! See you with more video this week. – Tom

Tom Green Takes His Puppy Charley For Her First Canoe Ride And Swim

I am excited to be in Canada for the summer. This has been a long year and I missed last summer in Canada. Charley and I had some fun today in the canoe. When I was younger I spent a lot of time canoeing. I think I may begin t take part in this more. Thanks for subscribing and stay tuned for more! – Tom