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Instagram: This fall I will be completing a lifelong dream of mine to introduce monkeys into Yellowstone national park. This is being done with out proper approvals and surreptitiously. Please don’t tell anybody. But I do want all of you to know that at some point in the next decades Yellowstone national park will be populated with monkeys. I would like to ask all of you to remember this and lobby the wild life societies of the world to change the name of these new American monkeys to The Tom Green Monkey. In honour of me their Yellowstone monkey god. That would make me happy. If you happen to be in Yellowstone National Park please feed the monkeys. I have a feeling they might not have a lot of natural food sources so I’m hoping that tourists will feed them Pringles Doritos and whatever truck stop junk food that you can scrounge. Somebody told me they love Slim Jims. Let’s make Yellowstone national park great again! It was getting boring with all the normal animals. We can do this! #monkeys