Tom Green and his potcake puppy Charley are traveling around the country in their Boho Ram Promaster 2500 camper conversion van. Tom grew up in Canada where he learned about the great outdoors. Watch this series of videos being posted regularly now as Tom survives and thrives in the wilderness. Tom has all is supplies and is not stopping at restaurants, hotels, or grocery stores. Tom and Charley are living entirely off the grid in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the country. On this journey Tom has built a state of the art recording studio in his van. He is shooting and editing all of these videos from the road. And also recording a music album. Stay tuned! More videos to come. And tune in and subscribe to Tom’s new podcast The Tom Green Interview. And subscribe here also! Enjoy!


Thank you for following along with my travels with Charley. As you may know I named my dog Charley after the great John Steinbeck novel Travels with Charley In Search Of America. In that great piece of American literature Steinbeck travels the USA in his conversion camper with his poodle named Charley. My Potcake dog Charley and I are doing the same. Charley was a rescue, born and orphaned in the Bahamas. She is a Potcake dog, the local name for the mixed breed stays that run wild on the islands. I have been Charley’s proud papa for only about 2 months when this video was shot. Charley is a female dog, she is 5 months old in this clip. Because of the strange reality of 2020, and now this van life adventure, Charley and I are spending every day together. Needless to say we are bonding. I love this little doggie. We are having a lot of fun traveling across America. I hope you are enjoying exploring with us. I will be documenting the entire thing, and filming and editing it all from my van. Stay tuned. There is lots more to come! Love you all – Tom


Hey gang! Ok I am on the road now. Doing all of this from my van. This is the first of MANY new videos as I am alone out here with Charley and have nothing to do but make music, podcast AND VIDEOS!! So stay tuned! MORE TO COME!! Tony Corella is living back at my house with a small TV crew working behind the scenes to keep things running, I plan on being on the road for a while! I am doing all the editing and shooting myself. And I am having fun! So stick around and have fun with me!! Rock on!!

Travels With Charley

Starting very soon within 10 days or so Charley and I will be hitting the road. there has been many months of preparation for this day. Those of you have been following me closely on social media know that I am waiting for my van to be delivered. I purchased a conversion van camper and it is fully equipped with all the luxuries of a home just in a tiny package. Well maybe not all the luxuries but I have a refrigerator and a chemical toilet. So that’s pretty good. I also have electrical power and solar power on the roof to keep my batteries going and my gear charged up. The plan is to go off the grid to some beautiful places that most Americans never get to see. I will be documenting everything with my camera and I will bring you there. This is gonna be so much fun and I want to thank all of you for the support. Here’s a quick clip that I shot today. This is just as much a camera test as it is an introduction. Stay tuned for a lot more video coming soon. Love you all! -Tom

On The Road Soon!


The Tom Green Podcast: Tom Segura

New Album!

Thank you for listening to my album. I made this record myself. And I had fun doing it. As a teenager, I became fascinated by rap and electronic music. I spent my summers mowing lawns and working shitty jobs just to scrape up enough money to buy a used drum machine and, eventually, an Akai s-950 sampler and an Atari 520st computer to sequence my beats. I began “digging in the crates” through the vast collection of vinyl at the community radio station where I volunteered. And I started sampling and looping old funk and R&B and jazz breaks from musical legends of the 1970s. I would take the looped beats and bass-lines and drop raps over them in my home studio. Most of my friends would come to my house and have no idea what the hell I was doing. 

Flash forward three decades. I never stopped making music, but a few years ago, I decided to start recording again on a more regular basis. This is my first release on vinyl since 1992. I would like you to know that every sound was carefully considered by me. I funneled the drums or bass or guitar noise through a mess of cables and compressors in my own recording studio that I built in Los Angeles. The album includes some audio clips from my recent stand-up comedy, some from the original “Tom Green Show,” and, of course, some funny songs and some sincere ones. I hope you enjoy it.

Please follow me on social media and at, and we can discuss this recording together. Your support over the years means everything to me. I am always touring all over the world and will probably be performing in a city near you, so please come see me and say hello! And if you are reading this, YOU ROCK! 

– Tom

You can order the record here.

And check out the music video for the first single,
“I Wanna Be Friends With Drake”! More to come…

Las Vegas – Residency at Bally’s Casino

I just completed my first week of my standup comedy at Bally’s Casino. What a thrill. I have my own stage and room that I get to perform in 4 nights a week. I am performing stand up, telling jokes and stories and even playing back obscure videos from The Tom Green Show. The show is really evolving and taking on a new form each day.

The room I am performing in is amazing. It is an intimate space that has an adjoining lounge. It’s super fun. After my show each night we have been grabbing a drinks at the bar with the audience and having some more laughs.

I feel blessed to have such great fans from all over the world. This week alone, I spoke with people in the audience from Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Germany, South America, England, Ireland, Wales, and all parts of the USA. There is something special about having an international audience in one show. So many subjects to work with. Perhaps a bit more confusion at times also… Last night one audience member couldn’t understand English. Must have been an extra strange show for him. He was still laughing. So much fun.

I started doing standup comedy over 30 years ago when I was a teenager in Canada. A few years later I started The Tom Green Show on a public access TV channel in my hometown. Over the years I have met so many people and made so many friends. I have bonded with people all over the world. Something about the absurdity of the show has created a shared connection between so many like-minded people. We all love to laugh and I appreciate all of you for laughing along with me over the years.

I will say that launching a new show in Vegas isn’t easy. There is so much competition for ticket sales in Vegas. There are so many shows. I hope that all of you can come down to Vegas and show some support for what I am trying to do. Tell your friends to come visit me as well. You can get tickets at – I am performing every Sunday through Wednesday nights. I appreciate the support. My goal is to build this show and make Las Vegas the new hub for The Tom Green Show.

Hope to see you all soon!


Look it’s Phil!!!

Look everybody it’s Phil can you believe it I’m hanging out with Phil look everybody look it’s Phil we all know and love Phil follow him on Instagram at @jroo22