The Tom Green Podcast – Van Life – Update

Please subscribe to The Tom Green Podcast everywhere you can listen to podcasts. And subscribe to this channel! Thanks gang. New gear in the van and we are back in action soon. Things will speed up this year stay tuned. Can’t wait!

Ancient Intaglios to The Salton Sea – Tom Green – Van Life

I am still out here in the wilderness. Charley and I are alive and well. Thank you all for watching and commenting. My love for the Mojave desert is growing the more time I spend here. In this film The Blythe Intaglios etched into the ground are mind boggling. Why do we not talk about these every day? Why is this not revered by all? You can feel the energy of those who came before us out here. And I respect it. I am shooting and editing these films and making the musical score in my van. Thanks for watching. More to come. LOVE TOM.

Travels With Charley – Tom Green And His Dog Charley – Van Life

I camped today in some empty desert that is isolated as it is unoccupied. The temperature is perfect in the desert at this time of year. California is a beautiful place. I am looking forward to heading north to more destinations but I am waiting until the weather changes. I love traveling, I love this country, and I love my dog. I am also excited to take you to some other amazing places in Canada and elsewhere. This is not ending anytime soon. I truly love it out on the road. I feel at peace here when I find these empty places to think, write, make music, video, and create. I know we are all going through a strange time in our world and I hope that these videos bring a sense of calm to those who may need it. I composed the music in the van at the very spot this video was filmed. A strange time in a strange world where we can do something like this. I edited the video in the spot where this was filmed and then hit the road for our next location, only pulling over once when I had a suitable enough cell signal to upload a 4K video. Enjoy. More videos coming soon. Thank you for your comments and please SUBSCRIBE! The more views and subscriptions the more video I can create. You all rock!

Amboy To Ludlow California – Tom Green – Ghost Town – Van Life

Hey gang! I am back on the road after a few days at my home in Los Angeles to recharge. I took the time to do some work on the van with some upgrades to the recording studio. This will make it easier to produce content more quickly going forward. I really appreciate all your support of this Van Life series. Please let others know about my videos by hitting the share link. And please subscribe! I just finished editing this today, the day after shooting. I am now driving to my next location. Looking forward to doing some more drone shots this week. Stay tuned! Awesome you guys rock!

Right Now Is The Right Time – Tom Green – Music Video

Tom Green is traveling in his van and recording music in nature. This is the first release from this new project. Tom Green music is available on Spotify. Subscribe to this channel and watch for new music soon. Shot in the Cabeza Prieta WIlderness on the Arizona Mexico border. Copyright Tom Green 2021 – Video produced and directed by Tom Green.

A Day In The Life – Part One – Tom Green And Dog Charley – Mexico Arizona Border – Van Life

This video I let breathe. I wanted you all to spend some time with Charley and I and get a feel for what it is like out here. In this video we are adjacent to the Barry F Goldwater Test Range in the Sonoran Desert adjacent to the Cabeza Prieta Wilderness. The area is known for drug smuggling and illegal immigration across the Mexican border. Border patrol scour the area and it is advised to report any suspicious activity. Mountain Lions, Pronghorn Sheep, and other desert wildlife is abundant. In this video we take a hike, gather wood, and make a fire. Thanks for watching and subscribing to this channel.

Cabeza Prieta Wilderness – Arizona – Tom Green – Van Life

This marks chapter 2 of van life for Charley and I. It is safe to say we are settling in. I am also venturing further into remote areas seeking the unknown. Cabeza Prieta Wilderness, Arizona is a wild place. Once part of the Barry F Goldwater military test range you need to exert caution. It is possible to step or stumble upon unexploded ordinance aka bombs in the desert. But it is a beautiful area with many wildlife viewing opportunities including Pronghorn Sheep, Mountain Lion, Bobcat and many more. In fact in the town of Ajo when refueling I met a gentleman who had been rushed by a 130 pound mountain lion the previous evening. Not far from where this video was shot. This is also a heavily used area for drug smugglers and illegal immigration as we are on the border on Mexico. While shooting this video I could hear A10 Warthogs in the next valley firing their cannons on the military range that this area was once a part of. They flew over me at one point and I couldn’t help but fear the sheer power of these machines. There was also some bombing going on and the explosions were rumbling like thunder in the valley that this was shot in. Went for a long hike today… but that is for the next video. To be continued…. Love you all! Be safe and be nice to people!! – Tom


I am leaving today on our biggest adventure yet. Charley is doing great and we are ready to rock. I can’t wait for you to see where we are going and how things are going to evolve. Stay tuned!! This is going to be the wildest adventure yet. More off grid than anywhere so far. Stay tuned and please subscribe to this channel!


Hey Gang I am heading back out on the road. Charley got her surgery and has recovered perfectly. We are going to some amazing places very soon. My good friend and producer director Tony Corella will be moving into my guest house and running the fort while Charley and I disappear into the wild for another extended adventure. Thanks for the support and please subscribe to this channel! Onward and upward!


Having spent the last few months on the road I am taking a short pit stop at home in Los Angeles. My best friend puppy companion Charley needs a routine medical procedure and after her short recovery we will be back on the road VERY SOON! This video is one of my favorites so far. It turned out to be an incredible day driving through the Sheep Hole Wilderness, and the Mojave Desert on my way home to LA. If you are interested in learning more about the places in this video there is plenty on information online. I don’t intend to make these travel logs informative as much as they are simple photographic journeys. So rather than rambling off facts and stats that I (or anyone) could look up on Wikipedia, I will let the pictures tell the story. I will say that the homesteads outside of 29 Palms were quite stark. But something about the crumbling ruins of these old buildings is quite beautiful. I hope you are enjoying my photography and video that I am creating. I already have plans for my next location and will be back on the road filming new videos very soon. While I am taking a short break now to attend to Charley’s medical needs I am also making much needed adjustments to the van in many areas that will make it easier for me to live and work on the road. New things being added to the recording studio and also some new cooking ideas that will make it easier to prepare food and survive off the grid. Stay tuned the adventure continues very soon. In the meantime I will post a video of Charley as she recovers at home in LA. And I will make some posts on Instagram so follow me over there @tomgreen as I prepare to head back out into the wild! Happy Holidays! – Tom